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History of Family Orisa (ORISA Idile)

History of Family Orisa (ORISA Idile)

There was a time in each family where there was tribulations and trouble and the whole family was in discord.. 

Someone stood up, and sacrifice himself or herself on behalf of the family and was transcended into an Orisa, something of worship and of bond between him and the family, something to remember him and his effort on his family.. 

But we all have seem this great men and woman who sacrifice the self for our family to be what it is today and our religion has told us that they are evil. 

I can never forget AGBODERE,  my great ancestor who turn to a snake. When my wife was pregnant he gave me something to fortified her and the baby and when she gave birth he was present, he named the baby and give her presents. 

He used to visit once a while and I have promised to his alter once I have the monetary aspect. 

Your ancestorial Orisa is the reason why your wife would not bring a bastard into your home. 

Religious marketing are the ones that says they are evil, but they are not. 

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