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School in heaven where babies were enrolled the moment they are born

School in heaven where babies were enrolled the moment they are born 

This knowledge is only known to a few people. 
Not all babies are admitted into this school, some babies came to this world to do evil, they have their own school. 

Some babies are not admitted because they would not stay on earth more than a month, this are babies who died fees days or months after they are born.

In this school, babies are thought what they do in real life, though their teachers are not the same and that beach if the school they are going in the spiritual realm is not the same. 

Babies are thought to call papa or mama depending on the child's favourite parents. 

Some babies would do some stuff that their parent would ask who thought them, nobody thought them, they were thought in the spiritual school. 

Babies graduate from this school at 2-3years and are transferred to Egbe Orun for further learning and growth.. 

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