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Do you want to know your family history?

Do you want to know your family history 

This article was inspired by one of my friends while having a hot conversation last night. 

I have friends who are fans and we spend quality time talking and hosting about IFA and the way forward. 

If your grandfather or father change their surname because they feel that the name is cursed, there would be a break in the family history and lineage. 

Imagine your great grandfather change his name ,you will have no link with your ancestors and there would be now one to ask about your family history  .

If you fall within this category, there is a way out for you, there would be a predation for you such that you will go in a trance and spiritual journey where you will see your past ancestors and have a real conversation with them.

Yes, this predation involves a lot of money though not that expensive but you will meet all your family members and they would guide you on your path. 

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