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Your Egbe Orun names and how it affects you

Your Egbe Orun names and how it affects you

Wow, some people are just hearing this for the first time. 

We all have a name given to us in our various Egbe Orun. 

This name carries so much energy and it also determines our spiritual role. 

Someone who is born to be great and a leader would have a name like Itesiwaju....... 

Those name indicate our roles in life and various Egbe Orun. 

Until when we do Egbe Orun initiation, we have no right to this name and the power it possess. 

Once we do Egbe Orun initiation, they gave us or remind us our name which by bearing that name improve our strength and growth spiritually.. 

This name have a high vibration. 

Because we have not done our Egbe Orun initiation, things might not go on well with us because we have nor come in tune with our real name. 

Names are powerful, our earthly name bear no or little vibrations or effects on us but once we accept our Egbe Orun names, things would start changing for us. 

And we enjoy life the way it is supposed to be.  

Life is not hard, we are the one that choose the hard way and ignore the easy path. 

We still believe our ancestors are evil because one pastor told us so... 

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