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The roles of IRUNMOLE as Mediators

As Mediators

The Irunmole act as mediators for human beings between them and Olodumare.

 The Irunmole from time to time supervise the activities on earth and report any observation or misnomer that may threaten the original plan Olodumare.

 In a stanza of Ogbe-Ofun, Orunmila had to go to heaven to meet with Olodumare and discuss his observation in the categorization and creation of human beings into three groups and who also came to exhibit three different attitudes on earth at the same time.

 It was then that olodumare explained to him the reason behind such creation.
In a stanza of Irete meji, we see a situation where Obatala had to save the world in order to prevent the extinction of human, plants and animals.

The Irunmole also mediate for human beings and secure them from the hand of death.

 Whenever a consultation is made and death is revealed, the Irunmole through Ifa informs humans about the impending death and what to do in order to avert such incident.

Also in another stanza of the same Odu, these three Irunmole (Ogun, Osoosi and Obatala) were called upon to save the inhabitants of Ekun land from the embarrassment that would have been caused as a result of their dilemma in who to give the hand of their daughter in marriage to between Orunmila and Esu Odara. 

.These three Irunmole collaborated together in order to find a solution to dilemma. 

At the end, the people of Ekun land were very much grateful to these Irunmole for mediating on their on their behalf.

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