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The Ultimate consultation before traveling out of Nigeria

The Ultimate consultation before traveling out of Nigeria

There is a lot of people who really wish to travel out of this country, they are trying but it seems all their effort is fruitless. 

Some have been to the embassy a million times which they rejected them while some  get a visa but couldn't see money to travel,  some see money to travel and they had this delay that make them travelling impossible for them like disappearing of their name on the manifestation list etc. 

People are having a lot of issues when it comes to traveling out of this country and they are going to a fake Babalawo and spiritual Father who is just eating up their money for nothing. 

A client of mine want to travel, I do consultation for him and he didn't call me back, he went to do his spiritual work somewhere else and I didn't bother about it. 

Until when I receive a call at night that his name disappear on the manifestation list, that night I visited him at the airport to analyze the situation. I don't board a taxi, all I do was go there in the spirit to see what is wrong, after coming back from the airport, I woke up and call him, I told him what to do while I invoke and call all the ORISA begging them to assist that client. 

Though he missed the flight for that night but his name reappear for the next batch the following day and he traveled. 

This is me helping and standing by to help, I don't need to make noise, my work is already speaking for me. 

The travelling consultation is to remove all blockage used to block you, the consultation is to tell you what to do for ways to open for you so that you can travel. 

The consultation is to make life easier for you when you get to the new country. When some people get to that country they are going, they face a lot of hardship, they work and the white man would not pay them well, they might not see good Job on time for years and the pressure would be extra much settling down. 

The consultation would clear those path for you before you get there. 

Though you might need to spend a lot of money doing one or two things but believe me,  it's more than worth it. 

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