Tuesday, December 26, 2023

AJE NLA in the multiverse

AJE NLA in the multiverse.

This is how it looks like to go in the spirit realm and study .

I have said this times without number, am not a charm person, I don't partake in power tuzzling .

Power is not giving to anyone or any man, Power is born within a Man with the purest of heart.

People who look for Power up and down are not going to see Power because power chooses its own people .

So many people have contacted me for power and after all have said ,they cant follow that path.

They can't fast or be sincerely.  They think Power is all about doing evil and showing people that you are the Boss .

You are welcome to My world of creativity.

I know power has no boundaries.

Am AJE NLA spiritual traveller of the other realms of human existence.

Don't contact me for Power, or charm because I don't have any.

What I have is wisdom from OBATALA and ORUNMILA.

I can guide you on the solution to your problem no matter how many places you have been or how much you have lost during stupid rituals and the rest from unchosen ,non pure people who are just there to make money.

I don't force people to do what I say after all it's your Life and you have the power to choose where you want to be.

Pure and simple ancient way of doing things devine authority from above.

Today is an holiday and I just want to drink my liquor before sleeping and dosing off.

Today is Tuesday, own by Sango and Ogun.

I would take some liquor to them in their forest and kill some meats for us to eat while we prepare for spiritual Battles and war.

I love that picture because it depicts what is going on in the spirit realm and how I spent hours reading from hidden scroll in OLOKUN library deep in the sea.

Am off to bed..  I am going hunting 

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