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AWON Abiku Nile Yoruba, Oruko won ATI itumo

AWON Abiku Nile Yoruba, Oruko won ATI itumo 


: "Bo ku o te" meaning "If you die you disgrace yourself", revealing that this woman had had "abiku" (short- lived) children prior to this one

"Biobaku," i. e., "Bi (iwo) ko ba ku," or in English: "If (you, or ) this one does not die" an inconclusive phrase requiring a "then" part to complete it; a "then" part of the name of "My heart will rejoice", or "God will have heard my prayers," or "My sorrows have ended, " or some such phrase".

Aiyédun – Life is sweet

Aiyédun, = Life is sweet, don’t go (die) again

Aiyélagbe = in the world we live, do not go

A já – Dog, do not break the rope, sorry, do not go

Ajéigbe Wealth is not lost

Aklsatán – Rag has finished, do not use more rags

Akújí What are you dead, awakens

Akúji, knife sorts of sleight of hand

Apara . He who go to the heaven and return

Aybrunbò Go to Heaven and back

Bánjókó - senta-se comigo

Bánjókó, sits/rests/stay with me

Dúródólú, = wait and see good things

Dúrójaiyé = wait and enjoy life

Dúrdorlike -= Stay, thou shall be spoiled (in this world) (àbíkú name for a girl)

Dúrósomo stay and do child 

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