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Characteristics of vulture


Characteristics of vulture

Vultures do not copulate, but the female reproduces without male assistance. 

Vultures can live for 100 years. == 

Vulture warns of greedy and aggressive individuals; a user. Buzzard characterizes a gloating nature; one who stands in wait to pick over what’s left.

The vulture is a member of the raptor family, but unlike most raptors (hawks, owls, etc.), its weak feet and short talons make it unsuited for tearing and grasping.

 It relies on others to do the killing. Although their role as scavengers is often considered disgusting, it serves an extremely valuable and necessary function.

 It limits infections and bacteria from corpses that could otherwise spread to other animals who do not have the resistance. 

They serve to keep the environment clean and in balance. They prevent the spread of disease.

There are several varieties of vulture. Each has its own unique

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