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Chieftaincy name in Yoruba land and their meanings

Chieftaincy name in Yoruba land and their meanings

Adenekan = Ade ni eniti o nkan = Crown (or honor) comes only to the chosen.

Adedoyin= Ade di oyin = (My) crown had become (sweet as) honey.

Adeyinka= Ade yi mi ka = (My) crown surrounds me: i.e. , all those things associated with a king's crown-prestige, honor, authority, etcetera-surround me.

Adeniji= Ade ni iji = (My) crown has a shade (under which I rest).

Adetoro= Ade mi toro = (My) crown is without blemish (is unruffled).

Oyerinde= Oye rin de = High rank has walked in (to me).

Oyesiku= Oue si ileku(n) = High rank has open the door (to all good things).

Oyerola= Oye to ola = High rank is equivalent to (i. e., is such that it has brought) honor (or authority, dignity).

Okunowo(Okun ni owo )= Okun ni owo-The strings (of beads) commands respect.

Okuneye= Okun ni eye = The string (of beads) commands adoration.

Okunbajo= Oku(n) ba eni (pe) jo = The string of beads gather together .ith us.

Here, "Okun" is the string of beads, one of the insignias of the powerful.

Olayinka= Ola yi mi ka =Honor (authority, dignity) surrounds me.

Olatunde= Ola tun de. i. e., tun (pada) de = Honor has returned again.

Olabopo=Ola bo si ipo (re) = Honor has returned to its rightful place.

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