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Connect with AJE NLA on all platforms


Connect with AJE NLA on all platforms

I know there would be a thousand or million people out there changing their name to AJE NLA all because they want to dupe people.

Nothing to worry at all

You can add AJE NLA and contact AJE NLA on all platforms

Phone number to contact AJE NLA is +2347031178647

That MTN is still my WhatsApp number

Add AJE NLA on Facebook -- Odewole Olusegun Aje Nla

Add AJE NLA on Twitter @Aje_nla


And if you love to Make a donation to AJE NLA,

GT Bank
Account Name- Odewole Olusegun
Sort code: 058203325

You can make a donation and support us on this ORISA blog 

This Article is written by AJE NLA (whatsapp +2347031178647).For the following:::

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Feeding of ORISA


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