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Every Babalawo has his own Spiritual work Recipe

Every Babalawo has his own Spiritual work Recipe

While many babalawo inherit the work from their forefathers or ancestors, few of us didn't even know we would be here.

While many inherit the book of account which their forefathers or their master gave them, few of us don't even have any inherited book.

Where am I going? 

Everyone has their recipe and method which they used in solving people's problem.

I have promised myself not to ever write any spiritual work in a book or any medium because it will surely get to the wrong hand and the wrong hands will never appreciate it.

Have said it times without number, no amount of spiritual work would ever replaced feeding of Orisa.

I would only do Spiritual work for you based on what Orisa Says, I don't do spiritual work for people. I would rather tell you which orisa to feed that would solve your problem.

And after feeding the orisa, if the orisa says I should give you one or two things, I would give it to you.

I also have my recipe which is as simple as anything, for instance I can use just a bottle water and allegator pepper to do something for you.

You will be surprised on how effective it would be.

That is because it is an instruction not me thinking for myself and doing what I thought was ok.

Most of what will solve your problem is something that is very simple,not a big or giant rituals that consume a lot of money or sacrifice ..

That is the secrets of the world which many are looking for but it's only reveal to few.

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