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How ESU (Eshu) was created or come into existence


How ESU (Eshu) was created or come into existence

I was on Twitter when I saw a post from those who practice santeria saying eshu was in existence before OLODUMARE or something of some sort.

I argued with the Poster and he showed me a book on Amazon where I thought or must have thought he got the idea from.

The poster claimed the author of the Book stole information from us Yoruba, I laugh at him and told him that information cannot be stolen from anyone especially something that has to do with Spiritual issue .

You can't find spiritual matters issue from a book, you have to go inside the spirit to experience it.

So he ask me, how was eshu created or how does ESU come into existence . I told him I would look inward and see if I can find something for him.

I trust myself and I put all my trust in OLODUMARE, I believe OBATALA than anything, In short I trust all the Orisa because they are my inspiration, they are my teacher and they carried me around in the spirit realm while I take a note to jot some things .

Where should I start?

What you are about to read might not go well with you but because of your fate or whatever, but believe me, what you are about to read is 90% accurate.

OBATALA was the first created  by OLODUMARE and was giving the task to create other ORISA which he did.

After the creation of The ORISA, the orisa were giving power to procreate, they were the first to have sex.

The definition of sex is already defined in one of my blog , please search this blog for more or type sex on the search

Sex is known as copulation, joining of two forces to bring out or create a new force.

Sex was never about the pussy or the dick.

The Orisa were joining forces with themselves to create another Force or Orisa . This explain how Some Orisa were born and ESU was not left behind.

OBATALA created Elegba , Elegba married OSUN and the result of their forces is what give birth to ESU .

Elegba is the Father of ESU and OSUN is the mother of ESU .

ESU was not the last Orisa to be created as there are many before and after him.

I guess this explain why ESU and OSUN were so closed , I guess it's the motherly bond between them that make them close.

Elegba was a water related Orisa and at the same time a Fire related Orisa . He controlled two elements together but ESU was an earth element Orisa . I don't know why and am not asking why

This makes me wonder why the other books of holiness talk about their Satan being made from Fire . I guess Satan and ESU are not the same after all.

As at that time, ESU was the smallest of all the Orisa (I tried to picture what the WORD SMALLEST means but I couldn't, may be he was short, may be he was having the lowest power as at that time).

The Other Orisa used to send him errands back then in those days,  his (ESU) powers is not an equal with the other ORISA back then.

THEN the war came, the quest for power between all the Orisa . Everyone want to defeat OBATALA and take away his Powers for themselves.

ESU decided not to join the other ORISA in rebellion towards OBATALA, he choose to be in his cabinet and fight against the rebellion.

After the battles and war among the ORISA, ESU was elevated and become the grand authority ( ASE) of the Orisa without him nothing is done.

He is already used to being sent around and his usual task was turn into authority, he goes up into the heavens and come back to earth bearing messages from OLODUMARE to the Orisa and from the Orisa to the people.

This is the story of How ESU was created ..


Please if you want to use this article,please make a reference and if you don't, you and ESU have a case to settle.

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