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Hidden power of all woman

Hidden power of all woman 

This article is a secret article and it's a very dark one , so I am not going to be saying a lot and if you called me for enquiry I will not answer you.

It's just for you to know and fear woman. Nothing more or less.

Ladies are given the power to create and give life ,they have the power to bring to life what was nothing before and that is where there is this saying that says behind a successful man, there is a woman.

Many ladies don't know that they are created specially with a special ability.

The hidden secret is that every woman has the power to bring life into this world and at the same time, every woman had the power to take away life from anyone.

Taking away life is the hidden secret which has been lost for ages. Whoever give life can also take it back.

If you have offended your parents and you are not in good terms with them especially your mother, go and apologize because she has the right and power to take away the life in you and turn you to a dead person. Though mother's don't know they can do this but they knew they can take away the sweetness in your life and replace it with bitterness by placing a curse on you as their sons and daughters or by becoming angry with you.

It is very hard for someone who has offended his mother to make it in Life. Check your life and recheck, have you offended your mother0? 

Now imagined if your mother's and woman knew they can take away the life in you, then some of you would have been back to where thou came.

There was an incident that happened many years ago and that was why the knowledge was cut off from Women.

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