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IFA solution to Gender dysphoria (LGBTQ+)

IFA solution to Gender dysphoria (LGBTQ+)

There is always a solution for a problem and a problem such as gender dysphoria LGBTQ has a solution.

Ifa is the solution to all gender dysphoria LGBTQ.

While I was consulting IFA on this topics which I have been discussing on the blog, if not for IFA I wouldn't have written an article on it but because of IFA guidance I have been able to write on few topics that come to my mind.

Ifa says it has a solution to gender dysphoria LGBTQ and the solution is that anyone having gender dysphoria LGBTQ would need to feed two different ORISA.

Don't forget that OBATALA is the Father of creation, he created everything in all the world including the ORISA.

Someone with gender dysphoria LGBTQ would have to feed ORISA OBATALA for remoulding. After feeding Orisa OBATALA, OBATALA would harmonize their energy, he would correct the defects in their mind , energy and personality.

Doesn't mean a girl having gender dysphoria as a boy would wake up and see her self turned into a boy, No.

But the voices and those gender mismatched and the feelings that comes with it etc would be resolved .

They would be like a brand new person with clear mind and thought knowing what they want and what they want to do.

This is IFA message to those having gender dysphoria LGBTQ.

Though IFA is not against gender dysphoria LGBTQ or any thing of such.

You have the right to affirm your gender and it is fine and OK supported by IFA .

Whatever you do on the topic IFA is supporting you.

IFA doesn't discriminate.

Thank you 

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