Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Myth and Secret about Vulture

Myths and Secrets: One of the oldest totems of the Great Mother in Egypt was the vulture, eater of the dead. 

Vultures who devoured corpses were regarded as her angels of death, since they carried the dead piecemeal to heaven.

Ancient Iranians didn’t bury their dead, but exposed them to vultures in open-topped “towers of silence” called Dakhmas, many of which still stand today. 

Such towers were built when Iranians worshipped the Moon-goddess Mah, the Mother, and believed that vultures carried the deceased to her heavenly realm. 

Even after burial was instituted in Persia, a dead body couldn’t be interred until it was first torn by vultures. This spirit-mother was a large carrion bird “with an iron beak, hooked claws, and a long tail.

 ”Animal Magic Spirits of the Earth: Buzzards and Vultures are bad signs. They are messengers who warn us of interruptions or problems forthcoming.

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