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Oruko Amutorun wa ( Named you bring from heaven and their meanings)

Oruko Amutorun wa ( Named you bring from heaven and their meanings)

Ajayi. = Child faced down immediately after the birth

Ojo = A baby boy born with umbilical cord round his neck

Aina = A baby girl born with umbilical cord around her neck (note; Egba people give Aina to baby boy)

Ilori = Child born without mother menstruates

Joojo.. = The child who his or her mother dies immediately after the delivery of the baby.

Olugbodi. = The child that born with six fingers.

Oke. = The child who folded with membrane (sac like) during birth.

Oni. = (today) The baby who cries always

Ola. = (tomorrow) Child born after Oni

Otunla. = (day after tomorrow) Child born after Ola

Babatunde. = Baby boy born after the death of one’s grandfather

Yetunde/Iyabo/Yewande = Baby girl born after the death of grand mother

Babarimisa = The child whose father dies after the delivery

Yeyerimisa = The child whose mother dies after the delivery (not that day but befor the naming ceremony).

Abiiba = The child who did not meet his father.

Abiara.. the child who did not know his/her father.

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