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AJE NLA more than just a Babalawo

AJE NLA more than just a Babalawo

Am not here to praise myself but if I do I think I deserve it.

I have given mantra to those who need it , those who have been duped by many babalawo and no changes, those who love to have an inner connection with the ORISA and the universe, I have also given those mantra out on the above criteria and most importantly purity of earth and soul.

I have a lot of conversation with people both him and abroad like a therapy to help them grow both in the physical realm and spiritual realm.

I discus and give insight to their dreams , I help with their dream interpretations, I give advise based on reality and I give them the power to make choices because it is against the law to influence people's decision.

Many think am wise but I am not wise . I only do what I was sent to do, I only say what I heard and was whisper in my ears .

Many of my friends are woman, I called them friends because they are no more clients , our relationship is more than that and I respect the boundary.

I have heard many stories of indiscipline in Many Babalawo which would come up in one of my article.

Am AJE NLA, am not just a Babalawo.
I am everything to everyone, a healer, a babalawo, a consultant, an adviser , dream interpretation, a therapist and many more 

I would say, I don't waste my time with people if my heart doesn't.

Am discipline.

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