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Difference between Eleriko and OSUN

Difference between Eleriko and OSUN

I have seen many people on the internet trying to link this two together which is bad.

They try to draw snake on Orisa OSUN shrine and groove which is a taboo for any person to do.

Have watched some Internet video where am OSUN devotees turned snake or do whatever just to get client .

Am here to tell you that such video are scam.

OSUN is a ORISA of love, fertility, abundance, transformation etc. While eleriko is an egbe orun that has to do with water.

Eleriko are creatures that live inside water, eleriko Are snake or snake like creature living inside water .

In short Eleriko are water snakes, most of the members of this Egbe Orun Eleriko are woman.

In their real life, they don't like snakes or want to see snake. It's not as if they are fighting with snakes but anytime they see snake, it remind them if who they are, anytime they see snake they might snap into the realm and they are afraid they might not come back.

ORISA OSUN is a woman who can take any form eg the form of YEMOJA, fish or anything water. She is far superior than Eleriko. Eleriko is just a group of creatures who look like snakes and they lived inside water .

OSUN might be the grand Matron of Eleriko, she might be a guiding light teaching them what to do because all ORISA are the grand patron of each egbe orun or group. In order word, OSUN might be the ORISA who Eleriko worship and feed in their group or not .

OSUN is an ORISA while Eleriko is an egbe orun.

OSUN is like 1 Trillions more powerful than Eleriko Power, OSUN has been in existence since the world was Created.

So stop linking OSUN with snakes or Eleriko.

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