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The third eye and it's degree of accuracy

The third eye and it's degree of accuracy 

Babalawo has their own third eye, Muslim clerics have their own third eyes, Pastors and prophet have their own third eyes . 

In fact anyone who is a spiritualist must have hir or her own third eyes that would enable them to see things beyond this realm or the physical.

Am not here to talk about how to open your third eyes and what must be done to get it opened because that is what many people are interested in, so they can do all sort of evil.

Though we are all seeing the same thing but from different angle and different accuracy.

While all sight must be 360 to see everything, sometimes the spiritual level of the eye also matters.

There are 7 - 11 levels of vision and seeing things .

Out of this level we have sub level and sub division, so it's not easy to be in the 7th level or 11th level . It take years of reincarnation to reach those height and the intervention of OLODUMARE.

Someone that see things are 30° can not be compared to someone that see things at 60°

That is why some spiritual mentor would tell you the solution while some would tell you the sources and other person would tell you the sources and solution while another person would explained in details than the other .

This is to show that there is degree of accuracy and level attached to the third eye .

I can't talk more than this today, enjoy your day.

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