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How do I properly dispose of offerings after a ceremony?"

How do I properly dispose of offerings after a ceremony?"

Proper disposal of offerings after a ceremony in Lucumí Santería is essential for respecting the spiritual connection. 

Common practices include:

Returning to Nature: Many offerings, especially organic items like fruits or flowers, can be returned to nature. Bury them in the ground or leave them in a natural setting.

Water Disposal: For liquid offerings, such as water or libations, you can pour them onto the earth or into a body of natural water like a river or stream.

Fire Cleansing: Some items may be burned as a form of purification. This is often done in a controlled and safe environment, such as a ceremonial fire.

Recycling or Composting: If offerings include materials that are biodegradable, consider composting. Non-biodegradable items should be disposed of responsibly, following local waste management guidelines.

Burying or Submerging: Items that shouldn't be burned or returned to nature directly can be buried or submerged in water as a respectful means of disposal.

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