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How to use Basil (Albahaca) for protection in lucumi santeria

How to use Basil (Albahaca) for protection in lucumi santeria 

Basil Bath:

Prepare a spiritual bath by boiling a handful of dried basil leaves in water.
Strain the liquid and add it to your bathwater.
Immerse yourself in the bath while focusing on your intention for protection. Pray or recite invocations to the Orishas during this time.

Basil Offering on the Altar:

Place fresh or dried basil leaves as an offering on your altar dedicated to the Orishas.
Express your intention for protection and seek the blessing of the Orishas.
Protection Amulet:

Carry a small bundle of dried basil leaves as a protective amulet.
Consecrate the amulet by praying or invoking the Orishas for their guidance and protection.

Basil Infusion:

Make an infusion with basil leaves and use it to sprinkle around your home or sacred space to create a protective barrier.

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