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Are there specific colors associated with each Orisha, and why?"

Are there specific colors associated with each Orisha, and why?"

Yes, in Lucumí Santería, each Orisha is associated with specific colors, and these color associations hold symbolic significance. 

The colors are often used in rituals, ceremonies, and offerings to connect with and honor the respective Orishas. 

Here are some common color associations:

Eshu (Elegua): Red and black. These colors symbolize Eshu's dual nature, representing both life and death.

Ogun: Green and black. Green symbolizes the forests and nature associated with Ogun, while black represents the iron and war aspects.

Yemaya (Yemoja): Blue and white. Blue represents the ocean, while white symbolizes purity and motherhood.

Shango: Red and white. Red symbolizes power and fire, while white represents purity.

Oshun: Yellow and amber. Yellow symbolizes Oshun's association with wealth and fertility, and amber represents her connection to rivers.

Obatala: White. White is a symbol of Obatala's purity, wisdom, and connection to the heavens.

Orunmila (Ifa): Green and yellow. These colors are associated with wisdom, knowledge, and the natural world.

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