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Cleansing with Rue (Ruda) in lucumi santeria

Cleansing with Rue (Ruda) in lucumi santeria 

Prepare a Spiritual Bath:

Boil a handful of dried Rue leaves in water to create a strong infusion.
Let the Rue bath steep until it cools to a comfortable temperature.
Set the Intention:

While preparing the bath, focus your mind on the intention of cleansing and protecting yourself from negative energies.

Enter the Bath:

Pour the Rue infusion into a larger basin or bathtub.
Enter the bath and immerse yourself in the water. Make sure to wash your entire body.
Prayer and Meditation:

Recite prayers or invocations to the Orishas, expressing your intention for cleansing and protection.
Meditate on positive energy replacing any negativity.

Air Dry or Towel Off:

Allow yourself to air dry naturally or use a clean towel.
Disposal of Bathwater:

Some traditions recommend disposing of the used bathwater at a crossroads or burying it away from your home.

Depending on the severity of the situation, practitioners may repeat this ritual regularly for continuous cleansing.

Additional Rituals:

Some may choose to combine Rue with other cleansing herbs or perform complementary rituals for enhanced effects.

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