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If I eat my IFA taboo what would happen to me?

If I eat my IFA taboo what would happen to me?

You as an IFA initiate why would you want to eat your taboo knowing fully well that it is a taboo?

This taboo are there to keep you in spiritual balance, as you know our body is made up of energies. So also the food we eat are all made up of energies.

The energy vibration from the food IFA says is your taboo might not be good for your spiritual well being , hence IFA warn you that it is a taboo .

Many people always love to test what will happen if they do what they are not supposed to do.

Well, eating your taboo after knowing fully well that is a taboo attract a very severe spiritual punishment, you are disobeying a spiritual law kept in place to keep you save .

It's just like knowing though shall not kill and you went ahead and kill yourself, there is a severe punishment.

You know and then ridiculous act stupid. The punishment is a great one.

Apart from the punishment, such taboo might lower your vibration and affect your spiritual consciousness. 

It might weaken your spiritual defenses creating a loop hole for enemies to penetrate.

In the Ifa tradition, the Odu Ose Meji addresses the concept of taboo. It provides guidance on respecting and navigating societal and personal taboos.

Odu Ose Meji in Ifa tradition advises on respecting cultural and personal taboos.

 It emphasizes the importance of adhering to societal norms, maintaining ethical conduct, and avoiding actions that could lead to negative consequences or disruptions in one's life. 

Prevention is far better than cure . Don't do or eat what is your taboo than doing it and start looking for solution.

Remember the scare can never go without leaving a mark .

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