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Insights into the symbolism of specific animals in Lucumí Santería

Insights into the symbolism of specific animals in Lucumí Santería

. In Lucumí Santería, animals often carry symbolic significance, representing connections to specific Orishas or conveying spiritual messages. For example:

Chickens (Ako): Commonly used in sacrifices, chickens symbolize purity and are associated with various Orishas, including Oshun and Oya.

Pigeons (Eyá): Representing peace and communication, pigeons are linked to Orisha Oshun and are sometimes used in rituals.

Snakes (Aboru, Aboye): Considered sacred, snakes symbolize transformation and healing. They are connected to Orisha Damballah, associated with wisdom and divination.

Rams (Ariwó): Used in sacrificial ceremonies, rams are associated with Chango, the Orisha of thunder and lightning, symbolizing strength and power.

Turtles (Ade): Turtles are linked to Yemoja, the Orisha of the ocean and motherhood, symbolizing protection and stability.

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