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Is there repercussions for Feeding AJE ?

Is there repercussions for Feeding AJE ?

This days I have received a lot of message and call from people that want to go into one AJE spiritual work or the other.

AJE is a white and pure ORISA that has no stain or blemish. She doesn't fight or go to war.

AJE doesn't like blood and you can't kill or shed blood in her name, this goes to whoever is feeding AJE with blood sacrifice, whatever you think you are doing is not AJE and it's not for AJE .

Even if we use animals to feed AJE, all animals are set free to go on their way without shedding their blood on the ground or staining AJE with the blood.

I have been asked questions like if I feed AJE would I pay with the life of my children?

AJE is not in any form asking for something in return after feeding her.

Just look at it like this, a royal queen with a lot of money and nothing to do with the money but decide to give it out to those who recognize and acknowledge her as the queen of riches . 

AJE doesn't need anything from you than feeding , and you feeding is a way to acknowledge her as the wealth of all nation worldwide.

Why would there be repercussions for using fruits and not shedding blood on something that doesn't ask for anything else in return? 

Once you feed AJE, you will be blessed with a lot of spiritual cowries that will be working for you gradually gradually that things will start changing small small.

It might take like 3_6 months before you see a big change but it doesn't mean that you will not see changes. As we all you, Rome was not built in a day.

Feeding AJE doesn't turn you to a millionaire over night, it takes time before wealth is built up. Hence I said 3-6 month.

Changes would start showing in your business, people would love to do business with you and connection would start flowing .

There is no repercussions for feeding AJE unless what they do for you is not AJE , if something else was done for you and they call it AJE .

Such bad thing would be requesting for money from you..

If you are in that shoe of being involved in a bad mess of fake and bloody AJE , you need a strong spiritual Man to pull you out of it and it would cost you a lot of money.

Am AJE NLA. +2347031178647, am a babalawo and am not here to advertise but to shed light on some dark side of life that some fake people have been feeding you ..

There by giving you the bad feeling, mindset about AJE and Yoruba ORISA.

Am the son of OBATALA, thank you for reading 

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