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Key ingredients in Eru Egbe Orun / Egbe Orun didi

Key ingredients in Eru Egbe Orun / Egbe Orun didi

Have seen many people claimed they have done eru egbe orun or egbe orun didi times without number and they still can't communicate with their egbe Orun.

Egbe Orun didi is not all about the fruits presented by the alfa, imaam, pastor and few others that claimed to be doing egbe orun initiation or egbe orun didi or eru egbe orun.

Each egbe orun has their unique item or unique ingredients that make them different and if that unique item is not included in the Eru Egbe Orun or egbe orun didi, they would accept the fruits and postponed your spiritual initiation.

If you do your eru egbe orun without including their key ingredients, what you do is just like Sara so that they would give you more time to look for money and do the right thing .

This is why many people have done eru egbe orun times without number and it is still the Same

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