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Omo Omi alaje - what a scam

Omo Omi alaje - what a scam

Have seen a lot of people being called Omo Omi alaje and they feel so happy about it. While other wanted to know if they are Omo Omi alaje or not.

Once there is a confirmation that you are Omo Omi, why are you bothered if you have AJE or not?

Is there Omo Omi without AJE? 

Everyone that is born as Omo Omi definitely would have wealth and riches , you don't need anyone to tell you that . You are Alaje , you have AJE .it is a most you will become rich, you are destined to be rich.

This is why I asked if there is Omo Omi without AJE?

Those classification are there to make you confused and if you ask that person that called you Omo Omi alaje, if you ask them further questions they won't have anything to say.

Don't fall for scam, all those sub classification about Omo Omi and all sort are not really helping anyone .

You don't need anyone to tell you that you are destined to be rich or not . If you are Omo Omi, you would definitely be rich .


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