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This work will document some of the potent spiritual preparations available in Yoruba spirituality to protect the house and properties from thieves or burglars. 

Both physical and spiritual measure is essential to protect our home and properties from thieves. It is the spiritual perspective of the aforementioned that we are concern about in this work. 

Below are some of the preparations that can be effectively used for the aforementioned purpose.

1.      Ewe owo tutu(fresh leaves of Aerva lanata),Odidi orogbo kan (One seed Of bitter kola  with scientific name Garcina kola), Eyo omo atare kan ( One seed of alligator pepper with scientific name aframomum meleguetta) 

Egungun monu tabi Egun oku ( dry bone ). You will grind the ewe owo tutu(fresh leaves of Aerva lanata). 

Use  knife to pierce the seed of the ewe owo tutu(fresh leaves of Aerva lanata), put the grinded leaves inside the pierce hole of the bitter kola, add one seed of the alligator pepper, add the dry bone to it. 

Use black and white thread to bind it well. The tread must cover it whole body. 

Uses: you will instruct the talisman that no thieve should be able to come here to steal, let the spirit of the dead be scaring them if they want to come, let  all other blessing come to this abode.

 You will hide it somewhere in your properties such as house, car or properties you want to secure from thieves

2.      Odidi atare meji ( two whole fruit of alligator pepper with scientific name aframomum melegueta) igbe eni ti a ko mon ri ( the excreta or feaces of an unknown person) Ado ijamon ( a small gourd). 

You will remove all the seeds of the two alligator pepper and pour it the Ado ijamon (small gourd), you will add the feces of unknown person on it. You will use whole Atare aja (a species of alligator pepper) to block the mouth of the gourd.

 Use white and black thread to tie and wrap the alligator pepper that you use to block the gourd and also the whole body of the gourd. 

Uses: hang it somewhere in the properties with the explanation that thieves should not enter into the properties.

3.       Epo ope to ku (bark stem of a palm tree that dry up or die on it own), Isasun( one clay pot with cover),Eyin ti adiye fi dele ( an egg that remain unhatched by hen , when it has complete hatching the other eggs  lay at same period). 

You will pound the back stem of dry up palm tree until it become like sponge, you will put this pounded palm tree at the bottom of the clay pot, you then defecate or pass feces on top of  it.

 You will put an unhatched egg describe above at the middle of the feces, make your explanation on it , dig a pit put it inside and cover it up.

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