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The first Language of the world

The first Language of the world 

I know the story of Babel in the bible that talk about how people gathered together to build a giant building that would lead to heaven so that they can see their God or so.

Was the story true?

If God was in the cloud don't you think scientist wouldn't have found him yet?

I think the story of Babel in the Bible was a fictional story which is not true.

When the world was created by OBATALA, he thought humans symbols.

So therefore symbols was the first language of the world, people of the world could communicate and read through symbols.

Till now human being have not recovered all the lost symbols of the world.

Look at your phone, each phone company has its own symbols. Each church has its own symbols, the mosques have their own symbols, each bank has its own symbols and so on and so forth.

The role of symbols can never be over emphasize because it is the true language of the world.

If you have read a lot of some ancient books and scroll, you would notice that those scroll doesn't contain a lot of written text but rather it contain symbols which speak volume more than a text.

The world is going back to using symbols, look at the traffic signs . It's all symbols.

Symbols is one of the way you can communicate with OLODUMARE.

In your dream, you would see symbols. Most dreams speak to us through symbols.

Someone night dream of seeing the sky, or the moon, another person might dream of seeing lights and another person might dream of a very big water.

These are dream symbols and it is normal , you don't need to run to any pastor for interpretation.

Those dream containing symbols are there to guide you but many prophet and pastors have made you believe that symbols are demonic but they are not.

It is time to wake up from slumber and embrace your true identity.

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