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The herbal Usage of the Goat Weed

The Herbal Usage of the Goat Weed (Ageratum Conyzoides)

Ageratum Conyzoides, (English Name= Goat Weed) Yoruba Name = Imi Esu. 

Is a tropical plant commonly found in the southwestern and other wet places in Nigeria.

 It is dispersed by water and animals. 

It is an annual herb with hairy ovate opposite leaves and very common throughout the West Africa region.

 Flowers are tubular floral, and is often pale-blue but sometimes white in colour.

The chemical compounds are demonstrated in strong smell of the plant which is attributed to a strong but pleasant smellina volatile oil, this is yielded in distillation Vanillin (strong smell). 

Other properties are coumarin saponin, tannins and alkaloids.


The decoction of the plant is remedy for abdominal pains. The leaves juice is used for dressing wounds, ulcers and other skin diseases. 

The leaves can also be used as tonic and to aid fertility. It is used as prophylactic and cure for trachoma in cattle. 

It also prevents early miscarriage. If the plant is dried, it can be burnt in room as mosquito repellent. 

Although plant is a bit toxic, but a reasonable quantity of it will give best results.

Note  before using any Herb:

Always rinse herbs in salty water to remove all micro - organisms and insect.

 Also rinse with ordinary water after rinsing in salty water.

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