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The Yoruba and Organic usage of Corn Silk and Aloe Vera to cure frequent Urination

The Yoruba and Organic usage of Corn Silk and Aloe Vera to cure frequent Urination

The corn silk or maize (Yoruba Name: Owu Agbado) silk is highly effective herbal cure for frequent urination. 

Corn silk or maize silk is a yellowish thread like strands found inside the husk of a corn or maize,sometimes it can be brown in colour too. 

It can be removed from corn cob.


The sufficient quantity of corn silk whether fresh or dry will be boil in fresh water, and person suffering from frequent urination will be taking it one cup in the morning and afternoon and night in replacement of water during the period of treatment for like 30 day. 

It should be noted that it good to just boil the quantity you can take per day. 

Each day you prepare new one for that day. 

Corn silk has been modernized as you can now get corn or maize silk package for sale in herbal store. 

You can also see it in form of herbal tea.

 Any one you have access to so far is corn or maize silk will cure frequent urination.

Aloe vera (Yoruba Name: Ewe Eti Erin)a sufficient quantity of aloe vera should be washed and it liquid extracted. 

Person suffering from frequent urination should take it one small cup in the morning and one small cup at night before going to sleep. 

It should be noted that when you want to go on corn silk herbal cure, it not advisable to be on other drugs as well. 

Apart from the herbal cure mentioned above. 

There are certain pattern of life and certain foods to be eaten and certain foods to avoid, to treat and prevent frequent urination. 

The following tips below:

But if the frequent urination is caused by poor medical health conditions like radiation treatment, then remedy for this type will be medical as well . anything contrary to that, the following tips below can do wonders as well.

   Moderation of intake of liquid : a person who is suffering from frequent urination should stay away from coffee, tea, alcohol or aerated drink.,8 glasses of water is normal per day drinking above such can affect people with frequent urination.

 Watch your diet: there are some food that affect bladder negatively (by irritating the lining of the bladder) there by affecting it normal function) such food are caffeine, spicy food, and chocolate,, this set of food should be avoided. 

A person suffering from frequent urination should eat food with good quantity of fibre to avoid constipation.

 Apart from fibre food, the following food is also a good natural cure for frequent urination. 

They are :brown rice, cranberries, potatoes, blueberries,. 

There are certain foods to be avoided because they can worsen frequent urination problems, for example the following food should be avoided, they are :spicy food, caffeinated foods, beverages like chocolate, coffee and aerated drink as I said earlier... 

OLODUMARE grant us sounds health ase.

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