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Why is IFA INITIATION so expensive?

Why is IFA INITIATION so expensive?

Many people wants to do their Initiation but they tend to complain that IFA INITIATION is too expensive, and they step backwards.

We have full IFA initiation and we have isefa which is more like one hand or half IFA initiation.

If money is the issue, you can do isefa and later do your full Initiation.

Looking at the current state of the country, everything is now on the high side,what are you expecting? That IFA INITIATION should be lower and the babalawo should use his own money to do your Initiation?

IFA INITIATION is a ceremony that Involves more than 2 people, I don't want to say a specific number but all I can say is that it involve more than two people that would participate in your initiation. I mean one babalawo cannot do IFA INITIATION all by himself for you.

It Involve cooking, killing of animals,rituals and whatever. Those animals are not joking when it comes to price, imagine how much they are selling a ram in the market,how much is a goat, chicken etc.

They are going to pay drummers, etc. At least you know babalawo is not putting the money in his pocket.

They would feed all the ORISA on your behalf, can you say categorically the number of ORISA we have ? They would feed all the ORISA so that whatever ORISA that is after your problem would let you go after the ORISA has been appease and feed.

Whatever small change remaining is now left for the babalawo, from the above how much do you think is left for the babalawo?

I always tell people, IFA initiation is necessary but not compulsory.

If you are interested in growing spiritually ,IFA is for you.

If you have done all sort of things and your trouble is not yet solved,IFA would save you.

Before I go,I must remind you that the price of materials varies from state to state, you can't compare the price of banana in ekiti and the price of banana in Lagos. You understand that ekiti is more of agriculture than Lagos state.

The price also varies based on the babalawo,some babalawo are now grand father in this IFA initiation, their energy na like bomb. If such person would do IFA INITIATION for you, you don't expect it to come cheap.

It's just like doctors and hospitals , some hospital prices are very high while some hospital prices are low, it doesn't mean that they don't know how to treat their patient.


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