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Activate your power as Emere

Activate your power as Emere

As Emere girl you need to activate your power and to discipline those who has offended you in one or two ways.

Sometimes as Emere we have taken the wrong steps in our Life.

We have dated a guy who dump us for nothing .

We have been nice to people but they do us evil.

We also wished that we have that power to take revenge on all those who have wrong us .

You have the power, you just don't know it yet.

Activate your Emere power and those powers which are just there within you waiting to be activated.

As Emere girl, you need ORISA ONIMERE.

Wonder why it is ONIMERE, it's the ORISA for all emere Omo.

To activate your power as Emere Omo, you need to feed ORISA ONIMERE.

ORISA ONIMERE is an ORISA that has lived for years but only few people knew about her existence.

You can come to ABEOKUTA or contact AJE NLA for feeding of ORISA ONIMERE.

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