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Bitter contest between the witches and some ORISA

Bitter contest between the witches and some ORISA 

bitter contest between the Witches and some of the gods on account of a crime committed by YemMoo, the wife of oosala (the god of creation).

YemMoo stole water from the brook of the Witches and spoilt the remaining water after taking her own. 

When the Witches heard about YemM's action, they complained to her husband.
Instead of begging the Witches, Oosala said that his wife had done nothing wrong.

 The Witches therefore swallowed him and his wife. Two other gods, Egungun and Oro, who
wanted to rescue Oosalaand his wife, were also swallowed up by the Witches. But, by means of ate, Orunmila arrested the Witches and killed them. 

The small pankere stem,
Ifa priest of the forest.
Perfornted Ifa divination for Yemmoo
Who was the wife of Oosala,
On the day she was going to draw water from the
Witches' brook.
The dry season was very severe,
And water was scarce.
When there was no more drinking water,
Human beings made their own brook separately,
And the Witches also made their own brook separately.

The Witches used l;luulu60 to guard their brook.
They instructed him to arrest any trespasser he saw there. 
When the brook of human beings dried up,
Yemoo went to draw water from the Witches' brook.

She was having her menstruation at that time.
When she finished drawing water,
She used her menstrual pad to wash her private part into the remaining water. 

Eluulu saw her,
But he did not say anything.
When day dawned,
The Witches came to draw water from their brook.
They found the surface of the water very red.
They asked eluulu who had drawn water.
Eluulu said: 'After Yemmoo drew water,
Blood was gushing out profusely.'

They asked: 'Did she stab herself?'
He answered: 'She did not stab herself,
The blood was from her private part.'
The Witches then went to the house of Oo~. 

They took ehuru their bird, along.
They said: 'Osala, consider what Yem has done.'
But Oosalaa said his wife had done nothing wrong. 

Then, thun:t, their bird, whistled,
And said: 'Both Yemmo and Oosa
Are to be swallowed, to be swallowed, to be swallowed.' 

They then swallowed Yemmo and Oosa.
Then Eegun came out whip in hand.
thuru said: 'Both Eegun and Oo~a
Are to be swallowed, to be swallowed, to be swallowed.'
They swallowed Eegun.

Then Oro came out
In order to capture them.
Eluulu said: 'Both Eegun and Oro
Are to be swallowed, to be swallowed, to be swallowed.'
Then, they swallowed Oro also.

Before long, Orunmila learnt about the incident.
He assembled his Ifa divination instruments.
<)runmlla was asked to perform sacrifice with a plateful of ekuru and ille.
The Ifa priests of <)runmila's household performed Ifa divination sacrifice for <)r(mmlla.
They offered the ekuru as the special sacrifice of

They put one plate at the main entrance to the house,
And put another one in the bathroom.
They poured lite around each plate.
Before long, the Witches appeared
They were jumping up joyfully.

When <)runmila saw them,
He ran into the house.
And hid himself.
As the Witches entered <)runmila's house,
Both those who took the front door,

And those who took the back door,
All found the plates of ekuru unexpectedly.
And the Witches are very fond of ekuru.
They started to eat it.
They ate and ate
Until their bellies became extended. 

They no longer remembered Qrunrnihi
To whose house they were going.
When Qrunmila noticed that they were completely absorbed in eating the food,
And noticed that they had sufficiently
soiled both their
wings and legs with
He went inside the house,
Took a wooden club,
And came outside to meet them.
That was how Qrunmila beat all of them to death.
Both the Witches,

And Ehuru, the evil bird they took along,
Were beaten to death by Qrunrnila.
Qrunmila started to dance,
He started to rejoice.
He was praising his Ifa priests

While his Ifa priests praised Ifa.
Gongs were beaten at lp6r6,
Aran drum was beaten at 1kija,
Sticks were used to produce music at ~~~rimogbe.
They applied sticks to aran drum,
It brought forth its pleasant melody.
He opened his mouth a little,
He started to sing the song of Ifa priests.
As he stretched his legs,
Dance caught them.
He said that was exactly
What his lfa priest had predicted.
The small pdnkfrf stem,
The lfa priest of the forest,
Performed Ifa divination for Yemoo

Who was the wife of Oo~a,
On the day she was going to draw water from the
Witches' brook.
Travellers to Ipo,
Travellers to Qfa,
Only my Ori will save me from the Witches.

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