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Can I change my OLUWO after my IFA initiation?

Can I change my OLUWO after my IFA initiation?

Why not?

Does IFA says you cannot change your OLUWO after your IFA initiation?

Most of the laws we have today are mostly made by Man and not IFA .

To answer this question asked by someone who has been following my post,I have to consult ORUNMILA for the answer.

If you are in a hospital and they are not treating you well or despite their treatment, you are seeing no changes. Won't you change the hospital?

If you are in a bus and the driver is going where you don't intend to go, won't you get down.

The first illustration is for those OLUWO who claimed to do IFA INITIATION for you but they didn't tell you all what you need to know neither are you growing spiritually. Tell me why you won't change your OLUWO?

The second illustration about the bus is for those initiated by an OLUWO whose interest is completely different from your interest, you need to get down from such.

What will happen if you change your OLUWO?

Nothing would happen.

The previous OLUWO might want to send some bad forces and he would be disgrace.

They just want to have you guys as a source of income for them. It's Ok. Everyman must eat from their labour .

I have used the incident of one of my clients whose OLUWO told her something entire different from what OSUN is all about.

I did my consultation and it was a legit OSUN that she has.

I told her what and what to be doing and from that moment she is enjoying the spirit realm.

If you thinks you have found a new OLUWO for yourself apart from the OLUWO that did your IFA initiation for you, you are free to move on from Life.

The reason why most people are afraid of accepting new student from another OLUWO is because

- They don't want trouble in the physical and spiritual realm

- They don't want to obstruct or put an end to what the previous OLUWO is enjoying from you.

- They don't want to say bad things about the previous OLUWO.

- Since they didn't do the INITIATION for you, thry don't see any reason to accept you.

Many people have neglected their IFA just because they fall into the wrong OLUWO and they are roaming in Life without any direction.

Who says your IFA must be with your OLUWO?

What if the OLUWO is dead? Won't you move on with your life ? Would your IFA die along with the OLUWO?

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