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Consecration without Initiation is nothing

Consecration without Initiation is nothing

I have seen many people collect an ORISA that have been consecrated , they now start feeding the ORISA thinking that they have an ORISA .

You don't have an ORISA . You are just speaking to a charged ORISA and the ORISA is not listening to you.

A guy messaged me some months ago about Esu Yangi that he was having. He said the esu has been consecrated for him and he has been feeding it.

I asked him if he has done his IFA initiation and he replied no.

Soni told him, he is only talking to a wood and wasting his food.

If you want to have an ORISA, you would be initiated into the ORISA so that you can speak with the ORISA and the ORISA can also speak with you.

After the INITIATION into the ORISA then you would have to consecrate the ORISA so that it would be active and charged.

Many people in diaspora don't know this.

You can't talk to an ORISA that has not been energy matched with yours .

Initiation is like linking and bonding your energy to that of the ORISA so that it would recognize you and be able to listen to you.

There is no shortcut to anything .

IFA is a bigger Initiation that link you directly with all the ORISA such that you don't need to do any Initiation individually with the ORISA , if you have done your IFA INITIATION Yuu just consecrate the ORISA and use .

But many people are looking for shortcut.

Don't be fool.

I would speak my mind .

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