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Are Yoruba king Powerless or neglected by the Irunmole that they are being killed like Fowl?

Are Yoruba king Powerless or neglected by the Irunmole that they are being killed like Fowl?

I am seeing a lot of trends online about Yoruba king being the target of some tribes or whatever.

Everyone is living in fear and it is making me happy.

How I wished they can eliminate all the Yoruba king for goood.

How many of them are actually selected by IFA ?  

What do you expert?

IFA and the Irunmole to protect someone they didn't put on the stool as a king?

If it were you, you would do the same as an ORISA.

Me AJE NLA don't pity any king that is kill or dead.

The Yoruba ancestors are not dead neither are they blind .

Many king has neglected their roles to the ORISA apart from the fact that they are not choosen.

If you have been following, I have said in a million times that this year is a year of evil.


Why are you surprised that their is outcry or revenge from IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO on the throne?

No man should cry for any king that is dead.

Just imagine, the council of OBAs has not said a statement.

The OONI of ife has not said a word, the Are Ona Kakanfo has been mute .

Did you ask why?

Is something wrong?

Many more evil is coming in this year and this is just a test of the evil coming.

Thank you.

My words are not against any king or tribe but the bitter truth.

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