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Hygiene is important part of spirituality

Hygiene is important part of spirituality

Yes Many Babalawo are not hygienic in nature, you would visit some shrine and you would be like vomiting.


Because the shrine is extra dirty,so dirty that even the babalawo don't sleep in his own shrine.

Most Babalawo think that is the best thing to do, they think the shrine should be dirty so that client would take the dirtiness for authentication.

If your shrine is dirty that you can't sleep in your shrine, how do you expect the ORISA to come to such shrine and accept the sacrifice?

I have OBATALA, ORISA ONIMERE, ORISA OSUN, ORISA AJE, and ORISA egbe in my Room. We sleep and wake up together because we are family.

Like I always say, I don't have to beg before I feed my ORISA and I don't have to make Noise on Facebook before I have money to feed my ORISA.

I don't need to make a video of myself in my shrine or temple before the world would believe me, after all I don't do it for the world. I don't for myself and I don't need anyone's permission.

I can never be broke or run out of Cash to feed them that I would beg for Money because I am AJE NLA the son and heart beat of all the ORISA, the spirit of OBATALA is in me and I have the blessings of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

It is not perfect scene but my shrine is clean in its own way .

I have a feeding calabash for each ORISA and their offering is always in their calabash except for OBATALA whose feeding is not in the calabash.

I make sure I sweep it every day after waking up, I remove the offering after some days and replace it with a fresh offering .

I wash the calabash after disposal of each offering every time before putting a new offering.

You can't be here and be hearing an offensive odour , if you would smell anything it would be the scent of incense and lovinda that would arouse and blow your mind.

Cleaning is very important in IFA and it goes a long way in your purity .

Can you eat in a dirty environment? 

Respect the ORISA 


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