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Many more reasons why Putting lamp in your shrine is good

Many more reasons why Putting lamp in your shrine is good

In the olden days, there is always a lamp in every shrine that existed.

The lamp serves as Energizer that energies the energy in the shrine and purify the shrine.

The spirit in the other realms loved to be wherever there is light, so putting light in your shrine attracts a lots of good spirit which would make your spiritual work standout and have more effect anytime you do spiritual work.

If you travel to your egbe orun meetings, you would see that in the spirit realm there is no electric light whatsoever there .

They use lamp as a source of lights and we hold meetings there .

Each ORISA has a spirit that work with them, this spirit love light from lamp,it's like they recharge their in er light from the lamp while blessing the offering we provide .

It make the environment conducive for them to operate and this are one of the many reasons why we must have lamp in our shrine.

If you put lamp in your shrine,you would feel an energy increase and presence of the ORISA.

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