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The fight between OLUWO and Babalawo - The main reason many left IFA

The fight between OLUWO and Babalawo - The main reason many left IFA 

If I don't say the truth, you can't find it anywhere.

Have come across a lot of people who really wished to be practicing IFA ,they have taken a giant step by doing their Initiation and they left after the INITIATION never to come back and they are not happy about it.

There is no two reasons for such but because the babalawo who took or collect the IFA INITIATION job ,and gave the INITIATION job to OLUWO ended up having a fight the the OLUWO.

This fight makes the Initiate run away from such babalawo and OLUWO. The Initiate doesn't want to be part of their war affairs .

And I am asking myself,what could be the 'cause of the fight?

What causes the fight between OLUWO and Babalawo is nothing but money.

The OLUWO want to collect bigger money when the OLUWO found out how much the client pay for IFA INITIATION.

The babalawo is not ready to add anything to their initial agreement and this lead to war.

In most cases the INITIATION is done but the ORISA didn't approve the INITIATION.

The Initiate would then start having problem after IFA INITIATION, jumping from one babalawo to the other and the Initiate would be discouraged and leave IFA thinking it is not pure .

If you are such a babalawo or OLUWO that has fight with each other in the past, go and buy coffin because you would die before the end of his year.

This is a messaged from IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO. You can't escape death.

You have been destroying IFA and you have been a black bad egg or black sheep within IFA and you would be removed.

Because of you, Many souls are lost and many have inherit problem .

If you paid a lot of money to babalawo and the babalawo is fighting with OLUWO during your IFA initiation, run for your life because if you don't run, your life would not balance for the next 5 years.

The ORISA would not accept and approve the INITIATION, you would not be happy because of the fight,you would not be able to feed your IFA and even if you feed it, it would not give you that big changes you deserve.

I don't know when money become such an important factor that is causing a lot of people to misbehave.

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