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Sex in the shrine renders the shrine useless

Sex in the shrine renders the shrine useless 

I know you would want to cry for seeing this truth, you want to make money at all cost and you are still not making the money .

Many babalawo are doing babalawo when they are supposed to be fighting for the life, they have not fought the battles of their life yet they want to battles someone's battle.

A woman came for consultation and because zhe is Omo Omi you decided to have intercourse with her with juju just because you want to use part of her AJE.

This is an example that you still have battles to fight in your life as a babalawo.

There is no shortcut to anything. If you won the battles of life, everything you do will come easy and simple such that you would not have to look for shortcut.

Many babalawo have sleep with different kind of woman in their shrine and they still think the shrine would be powerful.


The spirit in the shrine has left the shrine since if you don't know., Know this now.

ORISA are pure beings that don't like all this nonsense you babalawo are doing.

If you have slept with someone in your shrine before, go and throw away that shrine and everything in that shrine like IFA INITIATION pot etc. Because nothing would work in that shrine no matter what you do. 

It would not work,you have to start from the beginning all over again.

This is the hardest thing to do and that is why it is difficult to be a babalawo because you have to be disciplined.

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