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ORISA ONIMERE would be Live in all Spiritual realm

ORISA ONIMERE would be Live in all Spiritual realm

I AJE NLA would be reactivating ORISA ONIMERE in the spirit realm and the physical realm till eternity to come

That means from Saturday ORISA ONIMERE would be available for feeding , ORISA ONIMERE would be available to answer your problems, ORISA ONIMERE would be in our temple and in other temples where she would be needed.

If you can fly you can Join us, if you are a spiritual traveller like me you can Join us. 

We are all gathering at the temple of OBATALA in the presence of ORUNMILA and other ORISA .

ORISA ONIMERE is known for blessings in 360 aspect of Life .

ORISA ONIMERE is in charge of all members of egbe Orun while ORISA egbe gave birth to each members of Egbe Orun.

If you have done your egbe orun initiation without feeding ORISA ONIMERE, you have not done what is needed of you to do.

As a pastor you need ORISA for visions of what is coming and the way out because she help us to have a clear vision and insight to the future ..

ORISA ONIMERE cures all barrenness in women .

ORISA ONIMERE is for all Emere girl 

She is the reason why you don't remember being in egbe orun because they didn't feed her for you, the reason you didn't see any changes in your egbe orun didi .

You can read more about ORISA ONIMERE on www. ORISA. Com. ng


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