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Significance of ONIMERE in Egbe Orun

Significance of ONIMERE in Egbe Orun 

The significance of ONIMERE cannot be over emphasize but we need to say just a few to the people so that they can learn about this beautiful ORISA that has lived for millions of years .

ORISA ONIMERE takes good care of each egbe orun and all Emere.

She give children to all Emere - some people do egbe orun initiation just because they want to have children, and after doing the egbe orun Initiation they still can't get pregnant. This is because they have not fed ORISA ONIMERE for such person. 

ORISA ONIMERE give children in millions to her devotee and all those who loved her.

She make sure that you remember each time you go to egbe orun for any meetings .She remove all blockages blocking your dream from seeing your egbe orun and some important dream which may be beneficial to you.

While I try to do some spiritual work for people that I do Initiation for so that they can remember when they go to spiritual meeting, ONIMERE said I don't have to do that .

Each time I do egbe orun initiation for people,I would also do the feeding of ORISA ONIMERE for them so that they would have joy and fulfilment in their soul and the main reason for the INITIATION is not forfeited .

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