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Spiritual work cannot work alone, most times it need spiritual backings to work

Spiritual work cannot work alone, most times it need spiritual backings to work.


This is a revelation from the ORISA to me AJE NLA and I must say it out to the world.

Do you know that each spiritual work is an attribute of one or two ORISA ?

Many babalawo don't know this and when you tell them the truth they would ignore or deny .

Sometimes we would have done all the spiritual work in the world and nothing changes for us . That is because the spiritual work doesn't have any societal backings whatsoever to make it work.

In most cases I don't give spiritual work, I prefer you to do the necessary things my IFA recommend for the client. Eg feeding of a specific ORISA after which I can give a spiritual work to the client if the client would accept it because after feeding of the ORISA there is no need for spiritual work, you just have to give it time to work.

Some times the ORISA have withdrawn their backings for a particular spiritual work which they have given to mankind over the years probably because they want to create another one or the previous one has been abuse .

Spiritual work cannot work without the support of the ORISA involved in such work .

This is the reason why most church that do spiritual work has a shrine hidden somewhere to back up their spiritual work and to make it effective.

Take it or leave it.

This is just the truth and nothing more than the truth .

Babalawo that give you Spiritual work has the backings of the Irunmole to back up what he does . The IRUNMOLE are the ones with authority that back up whatever the babalawo does or say .

Most Babalawo has lost their power because of money and through sleeping around with women .


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