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Thanks to OLODUMARE that make me come in contact with ORISA ONIMERE, have been having calls from different people asking about ONIMERE divinity.

Divinity is what make an ORISA special and different from every other ORISA .

ONIMERE have the following divinity

It helps to prolong shell life - Being a devotee of ONIMERE, there is every tendency that your life span expectancy would be higher than normal people who has not come in contact with ORISA ONIMERE.

It helps in some heath issues - ONIMERE can assist you in some basic health challenges that you may be having ,though it's not her specialty but she does come in handy in some health related issue that doesn't have to do the the head or brain.

Vision , Dreams and seeing things - ORISA ONIMERE helps in having a good sleep and remembering all that happens in the dream, ONIMERE assist in having a good and clear future that could predict an event that would happen in the future. This is one of her major strength.

Fertility - ONIMERE blessses her devotee and loved one with abundant children ,that is why if you are faced with the challenges of not having children, feeding of ORISA ONIMERE can grant you a child wish and you would be pregnant. No matter your circumstances, it is very certain that you would be pregnant unless your husband is not fertile or you are having intimacy with an empty man who can't reproduce . 

There are so many features of this great ORISA ONIMERE.

IFA only permits me to say this few .

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