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Reason why Pastors Egbe Orun didi / initiation doesn't work

Reason why Pastors Egbe Orun didi / initiation doesn't work

Pastors who embark on egbe orun initiation are only disturbing themselves or looking for what to eat .

Alfa and imaam doing egbe orun initiation are also wasting their time.

Why did I say so?

Egbe Orun initiation is beyond buying biscuits and other items and taking it to the river to throw it away .

Many people believe that if you want to do egbe orun didi or Initiation,you would buy biscuits and fruits and then go to the river to pray and pour it inside.


You are wasting your items and all what you are doing is a waste of food items .

That is why most times the egbe orun may over look the silly mistake and just look away and give you some more time to rest after wasting some cash doing the wrong thing.

I don't think Pastors have shrine to pray before and after the egbe orun didi / Initiation .

So they want to make quick money,go to the beach to throw away fruits....

To do eru egbe orun or egbe orun initiation you must follow the ancient way of doing things .

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