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The most important Evil forces (Ajogun) and their uses

The most important Evil forces (Ajogun) and their uses

These are the evil spirit or forces who are destined to trained man to walk in his right path, they bring order and balance to the world .

Without them, man may not walk in his destiny.

They are not your enemy, because they are the evil or negative forces doesn't mean all they do is evil.

Think of snake as a non evil animal, snake was created like that and it is the nature of the snake to do whatever you think the snake is doing that is evil.

The most important of the Ajogun are

 Iku (Death) responsible for putting an end to Man's life;

Arun (Disease) responsible for afflicting Man with illness; 

Egba (Infirmity) who brings paralysis to Man and 

Ofo (Loss) who destroys or carries away Man's property. 

The Ajogun are Man's enemies for they work against Man's interest all the time. 

The Ajogun can however be appeased with sacrifices. 

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