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What is the meaning of AJE NLA?

What is the meaning of AJE NLA?

AJE NLA is a word like a sword .it has two meaning based on how it appears to you .

AJE can mean a witch or wizard , which says that AJE NLA is a great wizard 

AJE can also mean wealth, Looking from the angle of ORISA AJE. So AJE NLA can mean great wealth controller .

You know a true Babalawo is also a wizard.

A true Babalawo would go to meetings in the spirit realm with other witches and wizard , he would always give them their tribute.

That is why if a babalawo that is not a wizard or a babalawo that is not attending meetings do begging of the elders for you . It would not work.

The elders would see it as an insult .

I come in peace.

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